Copeac Introduces New LEADers Section
Established as one of the leading performance-based ad networks, Copeac continues to grow and increase its value to affiliates.
January 13, 2009

WOODBURY, NY – Established as one of the leading performance-based ad networks, Copeac continues to grow and increase its value to affiliates. The new year brings about new changes to the Copeac brand, but one thing remains constant: evolution leads to successful results. Recently, Copeac, a division of Intermark Media, unveiled a revamped interface and updated design of its site for a fresh start to 2009. Users will find the new layout to be visually appealing while still providing the tools for success in the digital marketplace. Copeac has designed the new interface with the intention of allowing affiliates quick and easy access to news and updates. The system has been updated to provide more key information on the log in page as well as quick links to sections of the site that affiliates go to more often.

Also being introduced this year is the launch of the Copeac LEADers section, which is only available to high volume producing affiliates who meet certain criteria. The benefits of becoming a Copeac LEADer are numerous and allow for exclusivity in many different ways. Copeac LEADers are entitled to exclusive items such as campaigns, giveaways and promotions, bonus programs and more. They also receive select invites to events and parties, including eligibility to passes for trade shows, as well as access to discounted media buys, higher payouts, faster payment terms and immediate admission to private and select campaigns.

Copeac LEADers are allowed to test out the newest offers and cutting-edge techniques, enabling them to continue to grow and prosper. This selective group of affiliates also receives first priority for design and IT requests, ensuring a quick turnaround on inquiries and issues that need to be addressed. All of these advantages are provided to strengthen the relationships that have been built over time and improving them for future growth. Attention will be paid to the entire network as a whole, as it has been for years, but now the top-performing affiliates will be rewarded for their loyalty and success.

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