Leading Performance-Based Marketing Company Employs a More Selective Phone Process for New Publishing Partners
February 9, 2010

–A pioneer in interactive advertising solutions for over ten years, Intermark Media has announced its efforts to limit access to its proprietary network, COPEAC, to allow only publishing partners of the highest caliber to join. “In an effort to ensure the quality of our ad network and maintain our reputation as a leader in the digital advertising space, Intermark Media will now require each potential publishing partner undergo a more rigorous screening and selection process in order to join COPEAC,” says Mike Krongel, President of Intermark Media.

All publishers wishing to join the COPEAC Network will now be required to contact the COPEAC Affiliate Approvals Group by telephone. The Affiliate Approvals Group will carefully screen each applicant for relevant experience, traffic sources, campaign distribution channels and a myriad of other questions that will allow the group to create a quality profile for each potential publisher. Only elite publishers will be approved through the more rigorous selection process and be invited to join COPEAC moving forward.

“By improving our already stringent application process we can continue to provide the highest quality ad network. Our clients already tell us we consistently provide the highest quality leads of all the networks they work with, however we are continually implementing new processes that improve our services to better meet the needs of our clients and partners,” says Danny Agurto, Director of Distribution.

The exclusivity of the network will improve transparency and build more intimate relationships with publishers and enable Intermark to provide the highest ROI for advertisers and agencies. “Our enhanced process will not only improve the quality of our network but guarantee publishers access to the hottest offers on the web with the highest payouts while assuring premium lead quality for our advertisers. It’s a win for everyone,” says Stephen Gelber, Director of Operations – COPEAC.

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